Growing Up Can Be Tough

(So Is Parenting!)

As parents, we have certain topics we wish to discuss with our children, but we don't always know how best to broach the topic. Even if we knew how to broach a topic, we don't always know how best to run meaningful conversations around it.

Let us show you how

The Grady Bear Adventures Communication Workshop

Grady Bear Adventures were written and created as a tool for parents and educators to communicate with children about a variety of topics (e.g. getting ready for school, being bullied in school, and more).

The Grady Bear Adventures series of books can be read to children of different ages. With some knowledge and lots of hands-on practice, you can learn how to use the same book to create different conversations with children of different ages. Storytelling sessions will never be the same again!

For example, for young children (1-3 years old), our beautifully-hand drawn Grady Bear illustrations can be used to teach children fundamentals such as shapes, distinction of size, animals and more. For children who are able to read on their own, we can show you how to run conversations around various themes that children can relate to - like bullying, separation anxiety, learning how to identify with emotions and more.

How can I benefit

How can I benefit?

Understand how to create conversations with children of various ages using the same storybook!

Enjoy an interactive hands-on session with your child and other parents.

Tailor your communication styles to better connect with children!

What we do in the workshop?


This Grady Bear Workshop will be delivered by Author Su-Ann Mae Phillips.

Su-Ann Mae Phillips is a writer-coach and a 9 year old mum. She is author of two Grady Bear Adventures books, Grady's First Day in School and Grady loses a tooth. A certified International Coach Federation coach who works with adults to transform lives, she also runs workshops in schools, such as the Young Author's Programme for children.

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